Your Friendly Neighborhood NPC

NPC Speedruns

Who can influence people faster? An experienced salesperson or an AI?

What are we doing?

Measuring Persuasion

ChatGPT has revolutionized how we think about communication. We are interested in how well humans trained in the persuasive arts can compete against the persuasive talents of Large Language Models.

Persuasion as a Measurement

Know just how effective state-of-the-art persuasion AI is at any given time.

Psychosecurity as a Service

Learn how to defend against weapons-grade persuasion techniques

Disinformation as an eSport

Competitive disinformation is the biggest fear, so let's get the bookies and gamblers involved to mitigate it


Say goodbye to dated marketing metrics like bounce rate and demographics and say hello to persuasion algos seeking the fastest time-to-conviction. We test against real people to make sure our metrics are the best.

The First NPC Speedrun

The world record of convincing a person into the literal opposite of their initial position is two minutes. Think you can do better than him?

The Persuasion Marketplace

We are building a marketplace of persuasion techniques for both human persuaders and LLM techniques/prompts.

  • Persuasion as a public good

  • Find the most effective persuasion techniques

  • Sell your techniques and algos for big bucks

Hey LLM Builders!

Why build another niche LLM for buzz? Make it compete against professionals salespeople and other LLMs in a live environment and win cash prizes, sponsorship, and even investment rounds!